Texas Sheep-Ewephoric-About Us

We strongly believe in helping those with an interest in raising sheep, especially with so little good, sound animal husbandry information readily available on the internet.

Our sheep knowledge comes from decades of personal experience. Sometimes hands-on is the best teacher, for we have had our share of learning experiences throughout our tenure with sheep. If we can help you keep from undergoing a bad situation with your animals by offering our 'SHEEP TIPS' column, or by extending the medical advice from a renown large animal veterinarian like Dr. Mylon E. Filkins, we will have made a difference!

Ewephoric is indeed an e-commerce website. Selling sheep and sheep related products are only a portion of what we really do though. Our goal is to give back to the sheep community and our clientele what they have bestowed upon us with their trust and support over the past 30 years we have officially been in business.

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