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Sheep Sales

Ewephoric periodically consigns sheep at major sales throughout the country, as well as selling privately off the ranch. Any sheep we've consigned to a sale WILL be made available PRIVATELY OFF OF THE FARM, before the sale. Ewephoric considers all offers for sale sheep and/or sheep sold privately. We may, at any time, remove sheep from a sale consignment if a buyer comes forth before the sale.

Budget Concerns

A wide range of pricing is available to suit your needs. From the starter flock to larger package purchases, we are happy to work within your budget.  As part of our initial contact, we will ask you for your intended expenditure when purchasing from us. Whatever your budget. we will work within it to find the ideal sheep for your flock. Ewephoric will discount individual prices for purchases of three (3) individuals or more.

All of Ewephoric's Horned Dorset sheep are registered individuals. Typically, Ewephoric may pay for all transfer paperwork on sheep purchases. In the case of commercial sheep purchases, the registration papers will be withheld due to commercial discounted pricing. In these instances, if registration papers are requested at a later date, the fee will be Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per each set of papers, payable by the buyer.


Ewephoric accepts Personal Check, Money Order, Bank Cashier's Check and Bank Wire as payment for sheep purchases. Gift or merchandise purchases may be paid by PayPal via our website. (PayPal allows you to pay with your credit card if you do not have a PayPal account set up.) If you would like to pay with your PayPal account by calling in your information, we can send you a PayPal invoice once we get your PayPal email address. You may also mail in your payment if you prefer.

Sheep sales require a 50% deposit to hold your sheep. This deposit is non-refundable after a 48-hour period. The balance of payment is due and payable no later than one full day prior to your sheep leaving our premises. All payments must clear our bank prior to the sheeps' departure. Bank Wire payments are also due one full day prior to loading the sheep onto the trailer for release from our ranch, because of the unknown factor of the shipper's arrival/departure. Personal checks for final payment are accepted, but please allow extra time for your check to clear, usually 2-3 days after deposit. A bank cashier's check is the preferred method of payment for final balances on sheep purchases. We do not make exceptions to our payment policy, so please don't ask us to do so. All sheep and merchandise will be paid in full prior to shipment.

How We Communicate During Sheep Sales

Effective June 1, 2017, Ewephoric has changed its communication policy regarding sheep purchases made from the internet, catalog and display advertising in publications. It is solely the responsibility of the prospective buyer to read all pertinent information regarding sheep sales, policies, etc. on our website. The buyer may also ask for a hard copy of our sheep sales policy. Our website for sheep sales is available for informational purposes only. Merchandise may be purchased directly from the website, but sheep sales will be handled through personal, direct telephone contact with Gregg or Marlene Bell. Email contact or telephone call is encouraged for a first website visit, but subsequent contact must be done strictly by telephone. Ewephoric will no longer converse purely on the internet via email with new buyers. Too much information can be left to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or completely left out in printed form via an email message. Once we've responded to your initial email request, please supply your telephone number for contact. 

Feeding & Limitations After Purchase

Once we receive your deposit for the Horned Dorset purchase, at that time, the sheep become your responsibility. Ewephoric will feed and care for your sheep at no charge to the buyer for up to thirty (30) days. If shipping arrangements have not been made during this period and your sheep are still under our care beyond one month, the buyer may be billed on a daily basis for alfalfa hay, grain and any other sheep supplies necessary to keep the purchased sheep healthy.The billable cost will be prorated based upon the number of individuals Ewephoric is feeding for the buyer. THIS POLICY AND ITS DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 


There are three options in obtaining your sheep purchase from Ewephoric. First, the buyer may come to our ranch and pick up sheep in their trailer. Second, the buyer may request individuals be shipped in our trailer and meeting up at a sale destination where Ewephoric is consigning sheep. The third option is to use a hauler of the buyer's choosing, keeping in mind we encourage your Horned Dorset sheep leave our ranch within 30 days of deposit receipt. Delivery arrangements can be made to all parts of the Continental United States, especially during the Show and Sale season, which runs from mid-March through mid-November. In certain cases, special travel requests may be considered from our ranch or through other sheep breeders, since our new location in Texas puts us in close proximity to many of our clients. In these cases, contact with breeders must be done weeks in advance due to their busy schedules. (Ewephoric uses different haulers for sheep purchases. We can put you in touch with these haulers.)

Hauling fees are the responsibility of the BUYER.

Once the deposit is received, the Horned Dorsets become the responsibility of the buyer. If the shipper is someone other than Ewephoric, or a recommended hauler encouraged by Ewephoric, feed for the sheep while on the road is the responsibility of the buyer. Ewephoric will charge the buyer a fee to supply feed to the hauler, or the buyer may make special arrangements with the trucker to supply their own feed. 

Before sheep leave the Ewephoric ranch, they may be required to include veterinarian health paperwork for interstate travel. Rams six months of age and older may also be required to have a negative Eliza blood test, depending upon the destination of the individuals. For this reason, we ask that you give us a minimum of two (2) weeks to obtain the health certificate prior to their departure from our ranch.  If you are obtaining your own transportation, please let The Bell's know who your shipper is and all of the particulars for your travel arrangements. This information is needed for the health papers. We want your sheep to arrive healthy and safe.

Our Commitment to You

Once you have decided upon the purchase of a Ewephoric Dorset, then our work begins. We diligently strive to make the transition of your new purchase into your flock, trouble-free.

We understand that a ranch visit may not be an option for you. For those who cannot attend sales, or prefer to buy privately off the ranch, we encourage telephone calls to us with your questions and offer these other options:

  1. Excellent quality full-color still photos of specific individuals of interest to you via hard copy.

  2. Emailed photos of sheep currently available from our ranch.

Health Care and Disease Control

An extensive Health Care and Disease Control Program is on-going in the Ewephoric flock, and great care is taken to ensure that every Dorset individual purchased, is completely fit and healthy.

To ensure this we absolutely do not accept outside breedings to our stud rams.

Our Guarantee (Please read exception for stud rams)

Ewephoric Horned Dorsets are guaranteed at the time of purchase:


It's been our experience that stud rams moved from one ranch to another may require a "laying out" period prior to having them turned into your flock for breeding. This is certainly true when moving rams during the hot months. Each ram is an individual, and each ram reacts differently to unfamiliar surroundings. EWEPHORIC POLICY IS AS FOLLOWS:  Any ram sold for breeding in that same calendar year is exempt from our guarantee as a breeder. Any ram who has been shown and purchased through sales also carry this caveat. Any ram shown on a buyer's show flock will not be guaranteed that first year he's used. We expect our rams to function normally the following year after purchase. We will not guarantee Ewephoric rams that first year. Ewephoric suggests that you prepare to turn in a clean-up ram after using any new individual from another farm. If you feel a Ewephoric stud ram is infertile, we highly recommend a semen test to be sure. If a Ewephoric ram is found to be sterile after 12 months on your ranch, we will refund or replace him.

Privacy Policy

Ewephoric at no time will ever sell or offer to others, private and personal information given to us by our customers.

All customer information received by Ewephoric via the web, mail order catalog, by telephone, or personally will remain strictly confidential.

Ewephoric never sells or shares its mailing list with anyone. PayPal information is handled by the owners of Ewephoric in strict accordance with PayPal requirements. Your complete protection is our goal.

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