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Horned Dorset Sheep

Ewephoric has scoured the country and feels confident our breeding flock of ewes and rams are some of the finest available in the industry today. Our stud rams are clearly the soundest, most correct, and level topped Horned Dorset rams we have physically seen in the breed.  (To see these stud rams please visit the Stud Rams page.)

Females in the Ewephoric flock are primarily homegrown, but we have been privileged to add the top end of the Forster flock of Oregon to our flock in 2017. Since 2016, we have doubled the number of females in our flock. From stud rams to ewes. we are injecting something different into the market. You will like what you see.

Horned Dorset sheep are currently on the Conservancy "Watch List" due to the small amount of sheep registered each year (under 2500.) We have seen a surge in the interest of Horned Dorsets in the past few years, however. Registrations are up and the Futurity competition for young exhibitors began in 2008 by the Continental Dorset Club. Good for the industry and great for breeders!!

Gregg & Marlene Bell are dedicated to keeping their Horned Dorsets safe and secure from crossbreeding in their lineage. Granted, we can't control what others do, but we can certainly offer you our iron clad guarantee that you will always receive quality sheep from our breeding program.

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